Making the Business Case

Save up to 50% of the time spent on EHS administrative tasks.


Get everyone on the same team.

Gain consistency across departments. 

Align your staff around objectives & procedures. 

Work Smarter. Not Harder. 

Reclaim 30-50% of your time. 

Add more value to your organization. 

Plan, Do, Check, Act. Repeat

Implement software that fits your process. 

Collect and record data from any device. 

Say “goodbye” to searching for files. 

Search, sort, and find EHS data in seconds. 

Eliminate needless paperwork to reduce waste. 

Audit Intelligently. 

Send audits and evaluate gaps easily. 

Automatically build audits with your vendor data. 

Integrate Seamlessly. 

Connect with existing operations applications. 

Improve automation and extend capabilities. 

What is EHS Software?

Environmental, health, and safety (EHS) software is an application or system used by companies to manage their legal and regulatory requirements, manage and mitigate risk, track training and EHS activities, perform vendor audits and compliance evaluations, and other key EHS activities.  EHS software applications help companies save time, operate more efficient EHS programs, reduce risks, and identify trends and areas for continual improvement in their EHS data. 

What is Reliant EHS?

Reliant EHS, a configurable EHS software solution, helps EHS compliance managers focus on empowering business growth, change, and continuous improvement by automating daily and monthly EHS tasks and streamlining the documentation and record-keeping process. 

Reliant EHS was built to support all standards and regulations with configurable requirements making it simple to establish, automate and improve your compliance program.  Integrated support for industry standards as well as the ability to add and configure requirements from any other standards or regulations allows Reliant EHS clients to cultivate best-in-class compliance programs and creates a competitive advantage by streamlining processes and uncovering time-saving efficiencies while increasing employee engagement. 

Reliant EHS' modules and features are configurable to enable the application to fit the exact needs of your business.  Each feature is designed to minimize the administrative burden of daily compliance tasks allowing EHS professionals focus on continuous program improvement and growth. 

Is it easy to get started?

We’ve made getting started simple!

  1. Start a Free Trial of Reliant EHS to experience how easy it is to use and understand the benefits of using compliance software.
  2. Meet with a Reliant EHS implementation specialist to review options and create a plan for setting up your existing documentation and requirements in Reliant EHS and training your staff.
  3. Rollout Reliant EHS to all employees and begin seeing the benefits of simplifying and streamlining your EHS program. 
Business Case & ROI Analysis Worksheet