How is pricing calculated? 

Pricing is based on the number of users you add to the application and their level of access.  Your subscription will have a base fee and usage charges will be based on the number of contributor users and viewer users that were active during the billing period. 

$199 / Facility License Fee / Month

This is the base fee for each facility associated with your subscription and includes 1 Contributor user. 

$19.99 / Contributor / Month

Contributor users are users who have the access to create, update, or delete records.  These users are typically users who are responsible for managing an area of your compliance or for initiating and completing EHS activities. 

$1.99 / Viewer / Month

Viewer users are users with read-only access to the application or users who you would like to record records for.  These users can complete assigned tasks from their dashboard (such as monitoring activities or training) and can create and submit feedback and accident/incident reports proactively.  These users are typically employee users who interact with the application to complete specific tasks but do not play a larger role in the management of the EHS program.  

Pricing Example

If you have 1 facility with 25 employees and 2 of those employees manage the EHS program, your price would be: 

Item QuantityPrice
 Licence Fee 
Includes 1 Contributor
 Contributor1 $19.99

$264.76 / Month

What's Included?

We offer a scalable usage plan. 
  • Add or remove users according to your business needs. 
  • Monthly subscription with flexible payment options. 
Full Access to All EHS Features
Unlimited Regulations & Standards
Form & Document Templates
Online Knowledge Base
Technical Support
Multilingual Web Application 
Auditor + Consultant Sharing
Multi-Facility Management

Additional Services

API Access + Developer Portal
​$99 / Month
Professional Services 
​Quote Upon Request


Facility Dashboard

Employee Dashboard

EHS Calendar + Reminders


Internal Audit

Vendor Management

Vendor & Supplier Audits

Audit Requests

Safety Meetings

Management Reviews

Training & Assessments



Change Management

Employee Feedback

Corrective Actions

Compliance Tracking

Requirements Library 

R2 Conformance

Risk Assessments

Job Hazard Analysis

Accidents & Incidents

Root Cause Analysis

Emergency Drills

External Communication 

Tracking Throughput

Mass Balance

Shipping Records

Waste Tracking

SDS Inventory

Equipment Inventory


Spill Response

Controlled Documents

Custom Form Builder 

Standard & Custom Reports

Safety Information 

Facility Management

Employee Management

In-App Messaging & Alerts

Auditor + Consultant Sharing

Knowledge Base

Multi-Lingual Application