Covid-19 Return-to-Work Tools

Reliant EHS features help companies planning and managing COVID-19 Return-to-Work and Safe-at-Work plans. 

Daily Pre-Screening Checklist

Employees can complete pre-screening checklists for symptoms like temperature, exposure, etc. from any device before coming to the workplace.  All responses are aggregated daily enabling you to quickly identify and take action on exposure risks or employee absenteeism due to the virus.  Daily pre-screening for exposure or symptoms should include things like questionnaires, temperature monitoring, etc. and workers presenting symptoms or with a high likelihood of exposure should be restricted from accessing the workplace. 

Identification & Assessment of Exposure Risks

Identify, track, and assess potential risks introduced by COVID-19.   At a minimum this should include: workspaces where individuals are in close contact, high-touch surfaces that are likely sources of contamination, shared areas such as breakrooms or restrooms, individual risk factors, and any and all workspaces or workplace conditions deemed to be a potential source of exposure. 

Document Return-to-Work Policies

Create, maintain, update, and share return-to-work and safe-at-work policies and procedures.  Automatically track and view revision history and prior versions of documents with an in-app editor and version control.  Documentation should include things like timing for return-to-work, exposure controls that have been put in place such as additional PPE or hygiene requirements, changes to facility visitor procedures and rules, and workplace screening policies.

Communicate Closures and Changes Due to COVID-19

All employees should be made aware of the changes being implemented at your facility and how these changes impact their daily job duties and processes.  Email individual employees or group message employees to send email or text messages to quickly communicate changing circumstances or new procedures due to COVID-19.  All employees can send in-app messages without a company email address.

Schedule and Conduct Training

Configure training requirements and assign training based on job roles to enable users to complete training requirements and competency assessments online with automatic scoring.  Due to COVID-19, employees may need training on new workplace procedures, PPE requirements, safe work practices, or additional job training to ensure coverage due to the increased risk of work absenteeism from the virus to ensure the mitigation of identified exposure risks. 

Safety Information

Maintain a list of EHS contacts, emergency phone numbers, and local medical facilities in one easy-to-access location for all employees.  Employees can interact with the Current Safety Information to report incidents (if enabled) and view maps and directions for local medical facilities. 

Employee Management

Add and update employee contact information, managers, and configure facility access, login credentials, and application permissions.  You decide which employees can create, update, view, or delete records by record type.  

Knowledge Base

Access a knowledge base of on-demand resources to help you and your workforce learn and master using Reliant EHS.  Training content includes step-by-step instructions and videos (when available) to guide you ever step of the way.