Practical Solutions for Real-World Problems

As a trusted partner in Hennepin County, we've developed a deep appreciation for the diverse EHS needs across various departmentsReliant is crafted to assist in effectively managing these challenges, offering a suite of tools designed for the proactive monitoring and management of EHS responsibilities within your department.

Hazard Assessment & Mitigation 

Reliant is equipped to aid any department in Hennepin County with comprehensive tools for hazard assessment and mitigation, ensuring a safer workplace environment across the county.

Policy & PPE Management

Reliant simplifies the entire process of safety policy management in your department, from policy creation to dissemination. Track updates, manage PPE, ensure staff compliance with current safety standards, and organize and monitor training sessions on new policies and PPE usage.

Safety Committee Management

Our software streamlines the management and operation of safety committees, providing tools for scheduling, tracking actions, and facilitating communication across all county departments.

Facility Safety Monitoring

We provide a comprehensive approach to facility safety, enabling departments like Public Works and Law Enforcement to proactively monitor and maintain facility safety standards.

Fire Safety & Emergency Preparedness

Whether it's a school, fire department, or other county facility, Reliant facilitates the management and continuous monitoring of fire safety protocols and emergency preparedness plans.

Environmental Compliance & Sustainability

Our software supports all departments in effectively managing their environmental responsibilities, ensuring sustainable practices and compliance with environmental regulations.

Workplace Health 

& Safety Standards

From healthcare to administrative offices, Reliant helps maintain and monitor high standards of health and safety, focusing on preventive measures to enhance employee well-being.

Enhanced Oversight 
& Efficient Operation

Our software not only simplifies compliance and safety management but also provides insightful analytics and reports. This enables department heads to make informed decisions, streamline operations, and maintain a high level of oversight over EHS practices.

Partnering for a Safer, 
More Efficient County

Our aim is to address the real-world operational challenges your department faces. With our expertise and customized approach, we can enhance your EHS strategies and compliance. If you're facing any of these issues or others, we're ready to assist.

Let's tackle your EHS challenges together

We are offering a complimentary, personalized consultation to explore how our specialized solutions can align with and enhance your EHS objectives. As our partner, you'll gain access to industry-leading insights and technology, specifically adapted to address the unique EHS demands of Hennepin County.